Weekly Tarot and Astrology  Prediction 

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14th June to 20th June 2021

 Card 1:  Ace of pentacles
Astrology Attribution: Earth Element
The Card shows the pentacle being offered by a hand of a cloud above a carefully cultivated garden. So the idea above is translated into action and the tangible result manifest in the garden. Pentacles are the element of Earth.
This week your practical work or new beginning in a practical sphere and promises will be successful and fulfilled.Put your step by step efforts.

Card 2: Eight of Cups
Astrology Attribution: Saturn in Pisces
This is very much a card of Saturn and also the Moon in its full to waning aspects showing that one cycle is moving to and end.
Card shows a man leaving behind his eight cups and moving to a lonely mountain.the week will bring you the feeling of loneliness. Some relationships may come to an end. You will feel that your spiritual and emotional paths are not leading where you expect to be.Take a break  and go out with your family on a holiday.  

Card 3: Seven of Cups:
Astrology Attribution: Venus in Scorpio
The Card shows a young man hesitating over the choices of wealth, security,love ,danger and the unknown element. The venus in Scorpio indicates  the involvement in several paths, greed, dreams, and emotional satisfaction.

Card 5: Six of Cups
Astrology Attribution: Sun in Scorpio
Card shows children, cottage with roses around the door and flower- filled cups, making it a card rooted in the past.It is a card of contentment and perhaps returning to your roots, this sun is boosting the warm energy within you and that energy will be transferred to you by your past friends, siblings or you can plan to meet your parents.(married lady to visit to her parents house)
This week adoption for animal is very good.

Card 6: Temperance (R)
Astrology Attribution: Sagittarius ( fire element)
This card shows angelic form, This week you to balance inner and outer conscious mind,you need to balance harmony and peace of mind,It is necessary to keep your negative side at peace. Sometimes a short- term truce has a very high price.