Tarot Contemplation

The tarot card contemplation symbolises a profound phase of contemplation, tranquility, calmness and self-knowledge.

"No knowledge bears fruit without contemplation". Tarot also reflects this.

Thought is not contemplation. It is not analysing, defining, or repeating conventional wisdom in one's head. No significant effort is made, and there is no clear target or objective.

Tarot concepts and images can be opened up and their hidden meanings can be released via contemplation. This is the entire regimen, method, and goal.

Each Tarot symbol that we consider alone contributes to a pool of accumulated wisdom that everyone finds to be incredibly deep.

Contemplation is a very straightforward and simple technique that is not difficult, yet it is subtle and has many layers. You can learn some of its powers and delve much further if you so want and choose. Tarot is a tool for Sadhana, and Sadhana requires sincerity, self-discipline, and commitment. You are the greatest person to offer Divine Tool Tarot if these few criteria are what we wish to adhere to.

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