What are Tarot Birth Cards?

The concept of Tarot Birth cards is incredible. The Tarot Birthday cards and Numerology go hand - in - hand. I got my learnings from teachers, Wald and Ruth Amberstone. Tarot birth cards describe constants and qualities in yourself, paths you take and the challenges you will encounter throughout your life. It discovers your strengths and weaknesses, your state of mind and the events you’ll come across. It shows the insight of your energy during your birth and through out your life. It helps you to explore the potential qualities within you.

Tarot Birth card combination Numbers. Tarot Birth Cards

10_1 :The wheel ,The Magician

11_2: Justice,The High priestess

12_3: The Hanged Man,The Empress

13_4:Death ,The Emperor

14_5: Temperance,The Hierophant

15_6: The Devil,The Lovers

16_7: The Tower ,The chariot

17_8: The star, Strength

18_9: The Moon,Hermit

19_10_1: The Sun,Wheel ,The Magician

20_2: Judgement,The High priestess

21_3: The world ,The Empress

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