The theory of Tarot and Qabalah

What is metaphysics?

In simple terms it is the study of the unknown. In fact, metaphysics is about philosophy. It is not directly observable but answers many questions which regular science doesn’t possibly do.

According to the theory of metaphysics, universe came into existence with the presence of energy (which cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system).

It is something which cannot be seen and touched and the philosophers shaped this energy into significant symbols.

The detailed study of these 78 symbolic cards is the study of tarot cards. The art of reading tarot cards is similar to reading human psychology. Great psychiatrists like Carl Jung referred to tarot while carrying out his practice.

Qabalah on the other hand is the perfection of the self. Making self into a better, more expanded individual and more transcendent.

For being an ace tarot card reader, you may consider combining Tarot and Qabalah in your readings for more wise conclusions or predictions.

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