The Tarot – From Microcosm to Macrocosm

Take a pack of Tarot cards in your hand and you hold a treasury of magical powers. Even if you never learned the set meanings of individual cards nor carried out a single reading, you would still discover in each image. Symbols that kindled deep emotion and insight, connecting with your life both on the everyday plane and with the realms of the soul. For tarot cards are not a tool, not only of divination, but also exploring the psyche and other dimensions, past, present and future, by a natural route that begins in the imagination and ends who knows where.

For the cards offer access to an interrelated system of psychic experiences, following avenues suggested by earlier occultists. For example, the tarot can be linked to the Kabbalah (the ancient Hebrew mystical system), astrology, crystals and basic numerology. The cards can also be used as a focus for meditation, leading to astral projection and past life regression.

The cards offer a complete system for magic and ritual and a means of developing hidden strengths and qualities.

The Tarot is a living craft which evolves with those who use it and you will create your own unique approach in which the cards become not repositories of truth in themselves, but rather a series of pathways to the treasury of universal wisdom within.

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