The Tarot and Numerology

In Ancient Egypt and among the Phoenicians, mathematics were the province of a priest-scribe caste which, as they explored the hidden depths of numbers, found rules governing them that related to everyday life. So numbers became intrinsic to magical ritual. Numbers, the mathematicians thought, held the key to everything. The ancient Chinese sages and the Pythagoreans (as the followers of the greek philosopher Pythagoras were called) attributed certain powers to numbers. One they saw as the source of all numbers and really standing apart from the others. All other numbers were regarded as odd or even, the odd numbers yang, male, positive, and dynamic, and even numbers yin, female, negative poles of electricity and receptive.

Tarot cards also have been endowed with numerical significance. There are differences in the numbering of the Major Arcana in that the Fool can be 0, 1 or,22.

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