The Holy Qabalah

What is Qabalah?

It means “Receive” or “mouth to ear”.

The holy qabalah is the structure of the universe, how universe human are connected to human beings and vice a versa. It is a divine force which helps us to develop our mind from level of consciousness to super consciousness.

We have different tools which includes meditation to master Qabalah.

It has 10 sephiroth’s, 22 paths and 4 worlds.

These worlds include:

1. Atziluth (Archatypal world)

Highest/ superconscious world

2. Briah (Creative world)

3. Yetzirah (Formation world)

4. Assiah (Material world)

A better understanding of our solar system is mandatory. Necessities include 4 elements, 7 planets, 12 signs, numerology, colour therapy. Once we evolve our spiritual psychology we are associated with Holy Qabalah.

Super conscious mind entail spiritual growth, awakening and courage. And most importantly your Guru, who upgrades and educates you.

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