Tarot and Qabalah

Tarot and Qabalah: Explosion to the connection between humanity and ultimate creative source

Holding Tarot cards in hand in like possessing a treasury of powers. The cards offer a complete system for magic and ritual and a means of developing hidden strengths and qualities.

Through the study of Qabalah and its application through meditation and divination, individual can move through stages of enlightenment to strive for spiritual unity with the supreme force behind the universe. The word ‘Qabalah’ is derived from the Hebrew word meaning ‘to receive’ and symbolises the acceptance of wisdom. Central to this wisdom is the Tree of Life to demonstrate the interconnectedness of all the life and experience and a chart through life. The Tree represents not only the process of creation, but also the workings of human mind. Its paths run in two directions: the pathways from God to man and those which man must travel to reach the Godhead.

The first real connection between the Tarot and Qabalah were made around 1856 by Eliphas Levi. He noticed the correspondence between the twenty-two Tarot trumps and the twenty-two letters of Hebrew alphabet.

There are 10 beautiful spheres in universe. When one wishes to reach to those 10 spheres he must be willing to go through 22 paths (major arcana).

  • Sphere 1: unity

  • Sphere2: wisdom

  • Sphere3: understanding

  • Sphere4: mercy

  • Sphere5: judgement

  • Sphere6: beauty

  • Sphere7: emotions

  • Sphere8: intellect

  • Sphere9: instinct

  • Sphere10: material world

In India there is lack of awareness about Qabalah, and my purpose of writing this article is to make everyone recognise the interconnection of Tarot and Qabalah. Qabalah and Tarot together will make your predictions wise, rather only being able to read Tarot will have some sort of limitations.

I will demonstrate you with what those 22 paths and 10 spheres are about. Feel free to contact me if you need any guidance regarding these studies.

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