Tarot and Finance

This pandemic made people realise why having a backup plan financially is necessary as things during this time went so wrong that major people suffered financially

Thoth tarot is a very powerful and deepest interpretation tool. It carries astrology, numerology and the whole universe within itself.It also reads how humans transcend from physical to archetypical world.

Thoth tarot helps you think beyond your concious mind that is while facing tough situations you are ought to think beyound your emotions with logic and analysis. Readings can be helpful for those stuck in a rut because they can be a reflection of your subconscious and conditions you’ve been into.

We can come to a conclusion once we know your thought process.

You may ask questions like what would be the best time of making any kind of financial transaction or what is your fortune relating to financial affairs.

We’ll also be guiding you with what steps with respect to thoth cards are benificial for you!

It would be from investing money to holding money upto a specified time that would tend to work in your favour.

Your not so good decisions with finance and the next step to cope up with things will be read through these cards making you stress free at the end of your session.

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