Suicidal Tendencies

Causes of suicidal tendency are many:

Isolated feeling

Refusal of wants

Emotional Imbalance

Pain beyond resistance

Loss of hopes

The ultimate reason behind suicidal tendency is always proved to be mental depression. The blocking of positive thought process to live, can be termed as suicidal tendency.

As many countries face new stay-at-home restrictions to curb the spread of covid-19, there are concerns that rates of suicide have already increased.

Situations vary, but personal and family issues may include

· Fear that you or your loved ones will get COVID-19

· Being in close quarters with family under stay-at-home orders, which could increase the risk of spouse, partner or child abuse

· Starting or worsening of alcohol or drug misuse

Depending on the type of job you have, examples of work-related issues include:

· Anxiety due to working in a high-risk environment, such as in a hospital or nursing home, or being a first responder

· Feeling overwhelmed working in crowded health care facilities that treat people with COVID-19, especially in places that may have a shortage of personnel and personal protective equipment

· Worry about or actual loss of a job or business, causing financial hardship

· Worry about how you'll provide basic needs for yourself and your family if you're out of work for an unpredictable amount of time or if you lose your job

An increase in the number and thus the rate of suicide among students is a disturbing reality of mental instability caused by this new situation. Incidents has been reported across the country from different states and the commonality. Most of the reported cases of student suicides was attributed to not being able to attend the class online. Financial insecurities and difficulties due to lockdown has made it difficult for the parents to even afford smartphones just to attend classes.

As an astrologer I thought of studying such tendencies with the help of Janam Kundali (Patrika). Details of Janam Kundali are interpreted by an experienced and renowned Vedic Indian astrologer to predict the future of different aspects of life including nature, behavior, career, money, love, health, family, etc.It is basically the prediction of a person’s life and is also said to be the Karmic sheet of past and present life. Karma is defined as both action and the result of action and is divided into four categories i.e. Sanchita Karma, Prarabdha Karma, Kriyaman Karma and Agami Karma.


In Vedic Astrology, the Moon is considered to be a benefactor of mind. In such a situation, if a native is mentally weak, he/she can suffer from stress and other troublesome illnesses. Such a person is mentally weak and very emotional. In such a situation, it is expected of him/her to overthink, make a mole out of a mountain and become depressed. This can make a person prone to such acts of self-harm, or at times, suicide.

In the astrological world, Saturn is considered a factor of sorrow and troubles. If Saturn is not favourably placed in the horoscope, then that native can remain unhappy, which can give rise to depression. On the contrary, a favourable Saturn makes a person hopeful and optimistic, and always ready to face any situation firmly.

Mars and Rahu are two planets that make a person adventurous and go to any lengths. This is the reason why the placement of planets with Rahu or Mars offer inflicting outcomes. Due to this, a native may get depressed and develop suicidal tendencies


Moon+ Mars+ Rahu or Ketu indicates suicidal tendencies if connected to Jeeva or Karma Planets.

Jupiter + Rahu, Saturn + Ketu, both in birth and transit means end of life.


If you observe any behavioural change of your close one try to speak to them. Often listening is proved to be a great help for the suffering person.

There are remedies and you are requested to contact me for the same.

Take counselling sessions or visit a psycho therapist if you need to cope up with their tendencies.

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