Solar System and its influence on Physical world


All planets are close to my heart as they have different significance and tend to teach us important Karmas of life. Studying them is quite wonderful and I put this knowledge to use while making intuitive predictions. They teach me and we understand each other throughout the process of learning.


Sun: Atma

Moon: Manah

Mars: Deha

Mercury: Buddi

Jupiter: Jeeva

Venus: Bhoga

Saturn: Karma

Rahu: Maya

Ketu: Maksha.

What are they saying?

Sun: I am the spirit of soul/self

I am the father of all planets.

I am the soul of life.

Moon: I am the spirit of emotions.

I am the mother of all planets.

I am the soul of nurturing.

Mars: I am the spirit of body( physical existence).

I am soldier and the spirit of action.

Mercury: I am the spirit of Mind.

I am soul of Prince and the spirit of analysis.

Jupiter: I am the spirit of life force energy (jiva).

I am wise man and the teacher spirit of knowledge.

Venus : I am the spirit of attraction ( vasana).

I am the beauty into beast. I am love and Beauty.

Saturn: I am the spirit of karma.

I am .old and dark wise man to follow by discipline and philanthropy.

Rahu: I am the spirit of illusions( Maya).

I am unethical n secretive.

Ketu: I am the spirit of salvation.

I am philosophical n detached from physical world.

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