Mental Health Rescue Program

I’ve seen people in love and arrange marriage happy initially, but when this phase of marriage is over the journey starts where couples take their relationship for granted.

I think a “Good enough relationship” is when couple settle for less than the best. As the relationships grows old, expectations increase and if they aren’t fulfilled you feel lonely, you are doubtful about these situation, and certain things are questionable, such as will your partner understand, which is then followed by depression, stress and loneliness. Negative energy accumulates and stagnation starts at this point of life . The trump card behind this is expectations. If you start reducing your expectations or have some realistic ones your problems will be solved .

People expect to be treated with kindness, love, affection and respect, while some expectations include having financial support . Expectation is an unhealthy attachment to outcomes we try to control. It feeds frustration and causes us to worry.

Stop expecting and giving importance to such things and narrowing your vision

Throw away those expectations which hurt you and look forward in developing yourself and focusing on your uniqueness. Accept your talent and you will find a way out of all the frustrating thoughts.

Believe that you have a happening journey of life and you will the happiest one.

Trust me you are the only person who can break this trap. Examine yourself, make yourself realize that you deserve the best, improve your mental health, you are capable of achieving a lot, and I am sure you will.

And try communicating at your best level with your partner calmly and you will explore more than half of the solutions .

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