“Meditation leads to transformation.."

Daily Meditation( stress free life)

Thought process is something that individuals do with their minds.It includes perception, memory, thinking, volition, and emotion. Humans are the only creatures on the Earth who can make decisions, create and evaluate new ideas.

Technologies have evolved due to intelligent brains. On the other hand human psychology consists of stress, tension, greed, insecurity, feeling distracted, worries, boredom, unhealthy competition,etc. And so, we fail to enjoy the beautiful moments life gifts us. We must all understand that running behind materialistic things disturbs our peace of mind. The anxiety within us leads to emotional and physical issues.Start with working beautifully on your emotions as these have alot of shades.Healing those one by one ( just like when we peel an onion, we can taste the sweet seed of the inside onion). And for this the only remedy is

Daily Meditation".

Our pure consciousness gets aware when we sit for meditation. Its very simple.

You just have to seat comfortably, in a peaceful place and close your eyes. When you sit and meditate try to centre yourself first. Very gently concentrate on the center of your heart or chest.Breath easily .You will sense that you are centered and calm.

Meditate for 10 to 15 minutes every day. Repeat this excersice as often as you like. Your important aim is simple, that is to notice the sensation of being centered.

This is the pure awareness, steady state of consciousness.

After this medication closely observe yourself. You will feel relaxed and calm as the days pass and your energy will become positive and days will give you beautiful gifts

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