Tarot assists in choosing the right career.

I would like to share some examples on how tarot can become a guide to prefer the most suitable career.

One of my clients who was a production engineer and also had pursued MBA had a major confusion on whether she must switch to consultancy or stay into production. She was depressed and frustrated by her work. She had to face trouble while dealing with her boss and also complained that her father didn’t initiate to understand. Tarot symbolized that her problem was genuine. But those cards weren’t favorable regarding her decision for consultancy. It was also figured out that her boss was strict as he could see potential in her and progress was on her way. She just needed to improve her patience and positive attitude. She was then full of confidence.

I would also like to share another incidence which was regarding to my niece who wanted to pursue architecture as a career and so choose the field of science. It then became difficult for her while dealing with the same. She asked me to consult her, whether she must switch to commerce and was the decision right. I then supported her with the decision she took and now she is doing well with her field.

There may be cases where the parents won’t support the decision of their child. This further leads to frustration, depression and confusion.

My client’s daughter went through the same phase, where she was interested in engineering but her father wanted her to pursue medical. This became the reason of the conflict between the father and daughter. Her mother decided to seek help and see what the tarot supported. The tarot was favorable with the decision of engineering and guided her choosing the right path.

Tarot not only helps in predictions but also for counseling and generating confidence among clients.

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