Tarot is a human science and also relates to human psychology.

People face obstacles while dealing with their spouse. These obstacles may be due to dominating nature, misunderstandings, needless arguments, chronic infidelity. These are the problems when people arise with the question that whether they must continue with relationship or may break up.

Some people may also like to take an advice about what kind of change in their behavior would improve the relationship making it healthier.

Some may also like to seek an advice about is the decision right or wrong.

Some would themselves be in a dominating position and may want to know how their behavior is justified.

People choose to know the solutions for these problems by the means of tarot. But sometimes may also lie to the tarot card reader and won’t provide accurate information.

Tarot aids the reader to figure out how genuine the questioner is while answering through the medium of the significator card which is selected by the people card.

If the card which is drawn by the questioner is one of the major arcanas reflect that the issue is serious.

There may be a possibility where the card may be one of the minor arcanas which means efforts may lead to the success of the relationship.

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