Health Readings With Tarot

This is a partial list of health issues that may be inferred from the tarot. It is extremely important that you do not use the cards to diagnose yourself or your clients unless you are licensed to do so! Seeing any of these symptoms during the course of a reading should only be considered a possible indication of a problem and should always be verified by a doctor or other health practitioner.

10 of Swords = Death, internal bleeding, nervous system disorder

2 of Cups = Fertility, infertility venereal disease

4 of Cups = Alcoholism, issues of diet dehydration

5 of Cups = Bad circulation, depression, bulimia, diabetes

8 of Cups = Insomnia, bloating, sleep walking, fatigue

9 of Cups = Cancer, chronic illness, gout

Ace of Wands = Genital warts, osteoarthritis, balding, potency

8 of Wands = Breathlessness ,fertility, adrenal depletion

9 of Wands = Knee, head injury, ankle, bladder meridian

10 of Wands = Headaches, vision problems, overwork, tension

The High Priestess = Water retention, heart, menstrual, amnesia

The Chariot = Chest problem, hardening of arteries, paralysis

The Hanged Man = Metabolism, immune system, delusion

The Devil = incest, chain-smoking, Hemorrhoids, substance abuse

The Sun = Healthy people and baby, strong immune system

Many of these associations came from looking at the actual imagery in the cards and drawing connections between the picture and possible health-related issues.

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