Healing your Heart Chakra

Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. Meditation is also a consciousness-changing technique that has been shown to have a wide number of benefits on psychological well-being.

Different types of meditations include Mantra meditation

Affirmation meditation

Silent meditation (Pure consciousness)

Similarly, heart chakra meditation is one of the part of silent meditation.

What blocks the heart Chakra

Mental and Physical strss

Emotional imbalance

Sore past memories

Falling into victimization

Excessive isolation, being reclusive and antisocial

Holding grudges, not being able to forgive.

The heart chakra can become imbalanced as a re- sult of life experiences that have a strong emotional charge, physical ailments, or significant changes in your environment. It may manifest as a blockage in the energy flow or, on the contrary, a tendency to be- come overactive or have an excess of energy.

When your energy is positive it flows to the heart Chakra making it repond more beautifully.

The heart chakra(center of beauty), or Anahata chakra, is considered the center of our chakras. It connects the upper and lower chakras.

A balanced life is the result of balanced chakras. There are seven chakras, out of which the lower chakras govern our material life and the upper chakras our mental/intellectual/spiritual life.

Spirituality helps us to build the inner strenght while physical energy aids the survival.

The theory of right and left brain:

Left brain is mostly analytical and methodical, while the right brain is more creative or artistic.

The cerebrum balances the right and left brain. And to keep the cerebrum health the heart Chakra must be balanced.

When the heart chakra is in healthy alignment you will feel surrounded by love, compassion, and joy and connected to the world around you. You will feel open to all experiences in life, and it will feel like challenges, especially in relationships, flow through you and are resolved with ease.

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