A pro tip for higer earners to balance their married life

I wrote my last blog about marriage compatibility and the secrets of making your marriage successful.

Today I’ll be discussing about managing your corporate life with your marriage. I have clients who come to me for taking counselling sessions and as an astrologer, Kabbalah interpreter and counsellor, I have concluded that major problems are faced when there’s a phase in your life when you are alone, probably when you don’t live along with your parents, you are out for education and work and you feel isolated. You then find someone who you think you can get along with. You become good friends, you decide to be together and then think of him as your soulmate. But marriages today, ask too much of the relationship.

The research conducted by a Harvard professor analysed the data collected from 6,300 couples and found that married men with no jobs were at a higher risk of getting a divorce than those who had a stable job. Further both women and men who fell in love with the same educational and work background find the balance to be difficult. The couple both being ambitious, tend to compare their salaries with each other.

At times, you are mentally tired while handling your work. Your lifestyle has stress which increases the quarrels which makes your relationship weak.

Organizational and economic changes, societal norms still suggest that in heterosexual marriages, husbands “should” hold higher job status relative to their wives. When this norm is violated, and wives hold the higher status job, negative consequences can follow: Women are disparagingly referred to as having “married down,” are more likely to be targets of husband’s aggression, and the risk for divorce increases.

But I think whether it’s husband or the wife earning more, none of them must underestimate the marriage. A couple must have a healthy give and take relationship.

I know that in today’s era you’ve got excellent exposure for good and bad things. The unseen side of your partner makes you think about your decision of marring him or her. But always keep this in your mind that you have made the choice of choosing them and don’t look down to them. When you feel you have a different lifestyle or experience changes in the behavioural pattern stop being insecure, and communicate.

I’ve always stated that “Communication is the key”. Try to be your partners mental, physical, financial and moral support.

Remember when “E” from the word “ego” is removed, “Go” remains, which is go ahead, look forward and build an empire together. Take an expert’s advice nurture and grow your relationship.

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