Vastu Shastra : The 9 Major Directions

Vastu Shastra is science of space and arrangements to uplift your residence or office positively.

01) North east

It is believed that it is Lord Bramha’s head (vastu god)If the toilet is located in this corner, then the house may give many problems related to career and health. You may also face monetary issues. The family head may face many problems if you position anything inappropriate in this direction.

02) South  West

The corner where south and west direction meet.Your master bedroom ( the head of the family’s bedroom) must be situated here .This direction will be proved prosperous for the family head in every aspect. You may keep your locker or important documents in this direction.South west signifies earth element , hence use colours like brown, ochre etc.

03) North west

The meeting point of North and West direction is referred to North west direction. It signifies air element.This space should be kept free without any heavy items situated here. This direction also symbolises mobility and change.This is the best direction for your guest room, if you don’t want them to stay more than the desired time. The bedroom of the girl of your house must be here as many issues related to her marriage will be solved.While if you have a store or a shop, your inventory must be kept here for easy clearance.

Pro Tip:Keep stones/crystals/pyramids like lapis lazuli or rose quartz to easily resolve any kind of obstacle.

04) South east

The direction where south and east direction meet and which symbolises fire element. This is the direction of Venus planet. Venus is the representation of famine energy . Hence, if this direction has flaws the female of the family may suffer either physically or mentally. You must not have the door in this direction or it may cause stress, anger and lack of peace in the family.This direction is best for old aged people but young couple will have a problematic life if they have their bedroom in this direction.

Remedies: Keep Gayatri Yantra in your temple and do sadhana everyday.

Crystals: Red Jasper or coral

05) East

Pay special attention to this direction.East direction indicates life force energy as the sun rises from east.Sun gives light, life and energy to the universe as a whole.This is the best direction where your main door could be located.

Pro tip: keep pearls and clear quartz in this direction.

06) West

The Direction of lord Varun.The Direction where the sun sets.The Direction which generates positivity.Great direction for your store room or dining room.West facing door may also suit you.But try not to have doors and windows in this direction.

Remedies: Use white colour here.

Crystals: Clear quartz and crystal ball

07) North

This direction is ruled by lord Kuber , Having the power to give you wealth and maintaining peace of mind.This is a positive and auspicious direction for you , if you have a north facing house.The element of this direction is water, store and keep your drinking water here. Also light a diya in the evening beside it.

Use Lapiz lazuli and Amethyst crystal in a glass bowl.

08) South

The element of this direction is fire. South is the direction of God of death (Yama), and is adverse. For some people it may be auspicious too ! It signifies energy, creativity and fame. It is suitable for storage of heavy goods, staircase or the senior person’s bedroom (while sleeping the head must be towards south)

Remedies: make use of Ruby / Red Jasper / Red Jade.

09) Brahma-Sthan

Space (Akash tattav)This is the center point of the place of your residence, work or appartment.This place should be free, that is no pillar, beam , toilet or kitchen must come over here. If so it would be indicated as inauspicious .Hence no heavy things here!

Remedies: Keep crystal: Clear quartz ball here.