Messages from the higher self


You are loved by your creator

#zero represents both ending and the beginning. Listen carefully to the guidance that comes through. Your thoughts and feelings, including everything in your subconscious, are transmitting a particular vibration out into the Universe, and those vibrations shape the life you are living. You see number sequences and that is when the universe is trying to tell you something. If you are seeing 000 everywhere you look is not a mere coincidence, it’s a divine sign from the universe. You’re being reminded that you’re always supported and represents an endless and constant flow of giving and receiving.


Watch your thoughts and only think about your desire instead of your fear

When you see this number, it can mean that your angels are reminding you that all people in this world are connected by their thoughts. It means that you should focus on your own thoughts, but it is best to eliminate all negative thoughts from your life.


Keep faith and don't give up. Hope!

#2222 serves as a reminder to keep faith. Your angels and guides send you #angelmessages to guide you in the right direction.


The universe is shifting things in your favour. Someone is coming who will bring light.



Your angels are standing protectively around you and will assist you throughout the situation.



Enormous changes are expected to take place and the stressful situation will be replaced with a positive and huge blessing.



Release any fears about physical and material world to god and angel. Balance your thoughts between the materiality and spirituality.


You are on the right path. Keep going!


Abundance is coming to you.


Get to work on your life's purpose without delay.