Date:1st May, 2021


The Ace of swords  is the first card in the lay out  in reverse position.

This is first card of the suit of Air and is double edge sword saying we’ll continue to be into difficult circumstances,The message from Holy Grail is we need more strength to overcome obstacles as catalysts and seek greater mental clarity to search new direction or strong idea to face this pandemic situation. Make a judgment using your intelligence, setting specific and realistic goals and let  your heart which may have left you vulnerable in the past just be.

Two of Wands:
It says everyone has learnt from  past situation and should now carefully plot out the path ahead taking into consideration all possible and potential challenges. Maintain the level of efforts and you will survive.Establish a clear plan before proceeding, have  patience .  Let your intuition guide you as you confirm your next steps.

Four of swords
Again this card signifies air element and this week people will be into hibernation.Constant stress and tension will break even the hardest and most resilient of people.


Restore your energy and heal the body and the mind.
Start a meditation course. You need to replenish your strength and spend time connecting with yourself .

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