A guide for frequently asked questions

Can I learn Tarot card course online?

Yes, you can learn Tarot card reading online. Notes and theory will be mailed. Explanatory theory and practical will be through video calling.

What tarot card is the most difficult to read?

It depends on your passion, interest, knowledge. All Tarot card deck is difficult as your future depends on your interpretation. So vast study is must otherwise you will not give justice to your subject.

Can you use Tarot card to understand present but not predict the future?

Tarot card can be used for all phases past, present and future. It also gives reasons for all answers.

How do Tarot cards compare to angel cards?

The angel card works as messenger. The angel card give superficial message where as the tarot card gives deep hidden answers.

How do you Shuffle tarot card?

Tarot card reader will take energy from four directions. Protect ourselves, then connect with Sky-father, Earth-mother, then we connect with brothers, sisterhood after that we call tarot God and Goddess. After that we take energy of client then you can do shuffle. Put the card, start reading.

Can you pick more than one Tarot card?

It depends on situation and question, the teacher will guide you.

Which are the best Tarot decks? As a beginner which Tarot deck should I use? Where can I buy Tarot cards in India?

There are many Tarot decks like Rider Waite, Aleister Crowley, but universal deck is Rider Waite you can buy online or from your teachers.

How long does it take to learn to read tarot cards correctly?

Tarot card reading can be learnt within 3 to 4 months, but this study’s soul is qabbalah, when you learn both qabbalah and tarot together then you are master in tarot, that takes about one year, then interpretation works on total different level, once you learn contemplation of cards then, you can guide your client deeply.

Do you prefer tarot cards as oracle cards? Why?

There is a difference between two cards. The oracle will give you superficial answers while the Tarot card reading will give you deeper of hidden messages. Tarot card is a Science of human psychology. Oracle works as messenger, Tarot card interpretation will show reason behind your problems.

Can you do tarot card with incomplete deck?

No, you cannot do reading without 78 cards, if one card is also missing then you need a new deck.

Sometimes different tarot card readers give different answers for same question? Why this difference in answers?

Tarot card readers may give different answers, as it depends on tarot card reader’s knowledge, study, energy, and usage of deck, so answers may verify sometimes.

How reliable are Tarot card readings for life prediction?

Tarot card reading are 100% reliable for prediction.

How long should a customer wait between two Tarot card reading?

A customer can do tarot card reading after 3 to six months.

How can face-to-face interaction help in getting better Tarot card reading versus consulting on chat as call?

Face-to-face as consultation through chat doesn’t make any difference. The reading will be same as reading is done by tarot card reader. And Tarot card reader’s work depends on her spiritual growth, enlightenment, vast study, knowledge about cards.

Are you allowed to share your Tarot reading to others?

No, you are not allowed to share your reading to anyone, as an unknown person with lack of knowledge will misinterpret, and can misguide you. It is always better to keep your reading to yourself, as it works on individuals energy levels.

How can Tarot card help with life situation?

A Tarot card can help with various situation of life like health related problems, relationship issue, business, financial obstacles, career, self awareness, self development, various aspect of human personality, Tarot also shows your future, it guides you to resolve your problems. It is a metaphysics science just like traditional astrology.