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Tarot assists in choosing the right career. I would like to share some examples on how tarot can become a guide to prefer the most suitable career. One of my clients who was a production engineer and also had pursued MBA had a major confusion on whether she must switch to consultancy or stay into production. She was depressed and frustrated by her work. She had to face trouble while…

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Tarot heals health

Health issues can cause or exacerbate many serious problems including mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and personality disorders. At times, there may arise a situation where doctors may face problems while diagnosing the root cause. The patient is disturbed as lot of money is spent as well as the medicines are likely affecting deliberately and no proper solution is gained out of it. Here major and minor arcanas…

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Tarot Cards – Major Arcana : Relationship, Career, Money & Health ( Part 5 )

Tarot Cards - Major Arcana : Relationship, Career, Money & Health ( Part 5 ) Strength—Key 8 RELATIONSHIP: Your libido sizzles, your sex life takes off. You meet someone to whom you’re instantly attracted and enter into a passionate affair. If you’re already involved with someone, the relationship leaps into a passionate, intense period. You feel confident and strong in this relationship; you don’t compromise your integrity just to keep…

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